Uses of trees essay in tamil

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Uses of trees essay in tamil

Herbs Bark of the tree is used as astringent, demulcent, refrigerant, styptic and febrifuge. Flower of the tree is primarily used as a uterine tonic that helps in diabetes for keeping blood sugar under control.

Leaves are medicinally used as depurative. Ashoka tree is a small evergreen herb found in Deccan plateau and Western Ghats of Indian sub-continent.

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It has beautiful and fragrant flowers which grow in bunches. They are orange and yellow in color which turns into the red before they fall.

Ashoka gets flowers between February and April. The tree is considered as one of the most sacred trees in the Indian customs.

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Ashoka tree is dedicated to love god Kama. The botanical name given to the tree is Saraca Indica and the Indian name is Ashoka tree. No doubt the meaning is proved by the several medicinal qualities of the tree.

Furthermore one can find capsules and tonics made from bark, seeds, and flowers of the Ashoka tree. These are sold in markets as natural supplements for various disorders.

This is the main herb recommended for women to relieve them from gynecological problems. It keeps women energetic and youthful with its anti-depressant properties. Hence it is used as the best medicine for women since ages.

Uses of trees essay in tamil

In short Ashoka tree is widely used to heal several health issues. Read the article to know more in detail about the benefits of Ashoka tree. Health Benefits of Ashoka Tree Below are some of the top Ashoka tree benefits — Ashoka tree is a famous medicinal plant which cures an ample number of disorders.

Each part of the tree is loaded with one or the other health benefits. Listed below are few effective health benefits of Ashoka tree.

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The national tree of India is the Banyan tree, designated formally as Ficus benghalensis. The tree is revered as sacred in Hindu philosophy. It is often a focal point of human establishment owing to its expansive form and shade provided.

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