Tectonic hazard profiles determine essay

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Tectonic hazard profiles determine essay

Why are some locations more at risk from tectonic hazards? The global distribution and causes of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. The distribution of plate boundaries resulting from divergent, convergent and conservative plate movements oceanic, continental and combined situations. The causes of intra-plate earthquakes, and volcanoes associated with hot spots from mantle plumes.

The operation of these processes at different plate margins destructive, constructive, collision and transform. Physical processes impact on the magnitude and type of volcanic eruption, and earthquake magnitude and focal depth Benioff zone.

Tsunamis can be caused by sub-marine earthquakes at subduction zones as a result of sea-bed and water column displacement. Why do some tectonic hazards develop into disasters?

The Pressure and Release model PAR and the complex inter-relationships between the hazard and its wider context. The social and economic impacts of tectonic hazards volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis on the people, economy and environment of contrasting locations in the developed, emerging and developing world.

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Comparing the characteristics of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis magnitude, speed of onset and areal extent, duration, frequency, spatial predictability through hazard profiles.

Profiles of earthquake, volcano and tsunami events showing the severity of social and economic impact in developed, emerging and developing countries. Inequality of access to education, housing, healthcare and income opportunities can influence vulnerability and resilience.


Contrasting hazard events in developed, emerging and developing countries to show the interaction of physical factors and the significance of context in influencing the scale of disaster. How successful is the management of tectonic hazards and disasters? Tectonic disaster trends since number of deaths, numbers affected, level of economic damage in the context of overall disaster trends.

Prediction and forecasting P: The importance of different stages in the hazard management cycle response, recovery, mitigation, preparedness.

Strategies to modify the event include land-use zoning, hazard — resistant design and engineering defences as well as diversion of lava flows.

Strategies to modify loss include emergency, short and longer term aid and insurance P:Question ‘Tectonic hazard profiles determine the way in which people and governments respond to hazards.’ Discuss Research Methods This paper is designed to test your research methods as well as your knowledge, so that you are expected to show understanding of the following: • Methods of research and finding secondary sources.

Definition of tectonic jeopardy. home base motions. LEDCs. MEDCs. responses. people and authoritiess (human responses) Hazard profile subdivisions of study: magnitude.

Tectonic hazard profiles determine essay

frequence. predictability Concepts and theories: theoretical accounts and diagrams Case surveies: LEDC Haiti temblor. MEDC tsunami Japan. California. China Introduction Tectonic activity varies due to geographical location and.

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Tectonic hazards are hazard events caused by tectonic plates colliding into each other, moving against each other, moving apart or subduction between a less dense plate and a more dense plate. Definition of tectonic hazard, plate movements, LEDCs, MEDCs, responses, people and governments (human responses) Hazard profile sections of report: magnitude, frequency, predictability Concepts and theories: models and diagrams Case studies: LEDC Haiti earthquake, MEDC tsunami Japan, California, China Introduction Tectonic activity varies due to geographical location and position of tectonic.

Tectonic hazard profiles determine essay

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