Rosetta stone egyptian writing and art

The key to translating hieroglyphics The Rosetta Stone is one of the most important objects in the British Museum as it holds the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs—a script made up of small pictures that was used originally in ancient Egypt for religious texts. Hieroglyphic writing died out in Egypt in the fourth century C. Over time the knowledge of how to read hieroglyphs was lost, until the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in and its subsequent decipherment. The Stone is a tablet of black rock called granodiorite.

Rosetta stone egyptian writing and art

After the Roman Empire took control of Egypt in about 30 BC, the art of reading and writing hieroglyphics was ultimately lost. Then, inNapoleon landed his French flotilla near Alexandria, Egypt, and marched his troops south to fight the British near Cairo.

The French won the ground battle, but while on land, the British Navy under Lord Horratio Nelson sailed-up and sank the French flotilla. Napoleon and his troops had no way to return to France, so they ended up spending the next three years in Egypt.

They realized that the stone was some sort of ancient royal decree written three times in three different languages. They named it the Rosetta Stone and commenced some study. Shortly thereafter, inthe British defeated the French, and the Rosetta Stone became a British possession as part of the treaty at Alexandria.

To this day, the Rosetta Stone is the most-visited object in the British Museum.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics 2018

Inafter a couple decades of political intrigue and academic shenanigans, Jean Francois Champollion a French linguist and historian and Thomas Young a British linguist and physicist combined talents to finally decipher the Demotic script and Egyptian hieroglyphics on the Rosetta Stone by comparing them to the known Greek text.

In short, the Rosetta Stone was the code that unlocked the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was the Rosetta Stone that allowed scholars to read the inscriptions and reliefs -- the texts, tablets, and tombs -- that finally provided a modern understanding of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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What is your response?Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics - The Rosetta Stone. THE ROSETTA STONE. The Rosetta Stone is our key to understanding the meaning of hieroglyphs.; The Rosetta Stone was a black basalt slab with the same piece of writing carved in three different languages: Hieroglyphics (top), Demotic (middle) and .

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The Rosetta Stone is made of granodiorite which is a type of black rock (Khan Academy).

rosetta stone egyptian writing and art

The stone was once a larger and contained hieroglyphic encryptions however, at some point and time it was split; the stone would have been approximately 2 meters in height (Khan Academy). History >> Ancient Egypt The Ancient Egyptians used picture words to write called hieroglyphics.

It is a very old form of writing that they starting using as early as B.C. Hieroglyphics was a very complicated way of writing involving s of symbols.

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