Quizzo questions

If you are seeking a fun and free quiz, then look no further! Here are one hundred trivia questions with the answers in italics. They're divided into groups of ten on different subjects, so everyone can join in no matter how diverse their interests.

Quizzo questions

January 10th, By Kevin Tierney On January 10,a light in a storefront display case ignited flames that engulfed a community.

Quizzo questions

It was so different on October 10, Inlocal governmental officials joined in welcoming store officials from Philadelphia representing this division of the City Stores Company. An Olympics theme was utilized to welcome customers to this location. As part of the Olympics theme, Mr. The people gathered there that day had no idea that 39 months later to the day, the places where they stood would be consumed by fire.

This is what the Plymouth Meeting Mall looked like on October 10, The occasion was the grand opening of the Lit Brothers Department Store. The fountain in front of the store sprayed jets of water into the air.

Foliage lined walkways in the Mall. Thirty-nine months later — to the day — this section of the Plymouth Meeting Mall was destroyed in a massive fire.

The building housing the Lit Brothers Department Store survived intact likely because of the way the store was constructed. Otherwise, the tragedy would have been far worse.

Similar actions had also been taken years earlier by the leaders of the Strawbridge and Clothier Department Store and the F. In the bitter cold. With snow on the ground. The Plymouth Meeting Mall Fire.

A date seared into the memory of a community. The photos displayed here are ones that appeared in the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin on October 10, Photos are courtesy of the George D.

Do you have questions about local history? Your questions may be used in a future news article. Contact Richard McDonough at freedomvalleychronicles gmail.Here are the toughest questions from the week that was. See how ya do.

Answers (and links to a couple of the more interesting ones) are after the jump. For more tough quizzo questions, click here. This is something you’d hear on the Titanic. It’s also the name of a Van Halen album. It’s a group of rhinos, or something a car sometimes does.

Can You Answer 12 Questions About Philadelphia?

Quizzo questions

Philadelphia is rich with American history and culture. Do you think you can answer 12 questions about this historic city? It’s time to put your Philly knowledge to the test! START THE QUIZ!

Question 1/ lausannecongress2018.com Share This. The Quiz Kids, Merchantville, NJ. likes. The Quiz Kids - Quizzo style useless trivia for your Bar, Restaurant, Corporate or any social event! Our. PFS Presents Throwback Thursday Quizzo & Movie! Do you like trivia, nostalgia films, and drinks?

Then get your friends together to form an awesome Quizzo team (witty squad name required) and. Quizzo is a 7 round 70 question trivia contest played by players who form trivia teams. The contest lasts roughly 2 hours and is usually played once a week.

Admirals Tavern. Kick back on summer nights with stunning views of the Ben Franklin Bridge and a craft beer in hand, all while aboard the oldest steel warship afloat in the world.

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