Market penetration strategy dissertation

Search Market Penetration Strategy Market penetration is one of the four alternative growth strategies in the Ansoff Matrix. A market penetration strategy involves focusing on selling your existing products or services into your existing markets to gain a higher market share. This is the first strategy most organizations will consider because it carries the lowest amount of risk. This strategy involves selling more to current customers and to new customers who can be thought of as being in the same marketplace.

Market penetration strategy dissertation

Definition[ edit ] Market penetration refers to ways or strategies that are proposed or adopted so as to be able to create a niche in the already existing market. It helps establish the businesses current station and which direction it needs to expand in to achieve market growth.

Successful outcomes stem from careful monitoring by key staff and leaders. Questions, brainstorming and discussions can help distinguish whether it is the best time for market growth.

These can include questions surrounding market share increases or decreases. Sales can be declining but shows opportunity for the business, it could be the perfect time to make alterations so as to grow market share.

With the consumers attention span becoming less and less, organizations need to constantly keep on top of competitors to stay relevant. Some factors of market penetration are holding costs, advanced inventory management practices and technology e.

Market penetration, market development, and product development together establish market growth for a company. Overall the major growth opportunities they implement, attempts to peak sales through stressing current products in present markets and present products in new markets.

This includes developing new products for existing markets, subsequently. It is about finding new ways to boost sales and keep customers loyal and increase market share. When implementing change companies must be careful not to compromise their existing revenue or customers.

Too much alteration can make consumers wary so change must be implemented in a subtle manner so as to only increase market share and build on profits. Managers and leaders should monitor this throughout the entire process to ensure smooth changes. Clear and precise planning will also help minimise this risk and will lead to a successful improvement and boost in market share.

A few different options for market penetration are as followed Developing a new marketing strategy to entice more customers to purchase or continue purchasing.

Become price competitive as a swaying factor for customers to choose a product or service over another company. Use special promotions or offers to grab attention.

Utilise the Boston Matrix to decipher which product or service benefits further investment and time and which can be disregarded. Purchase a competitors company in mature markets to expand market share. For a business to come up with a decision using the grid, key personal must consider numerous factors such as market penetration, product development, market development and diversification, it measures the brand popularity.

It is defined as the number of people who buy a specific brand or a category of goods at least once in a given period, divided by the size of the relevant market population.

Market penetration occurs when a company penetrates a market in which current or similar products already exist.

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The other three growth strategies in the Product-Market Growth Matrix are: Product development existing markets, new products: Market development new markets, existing products: Apple introduced the iPhone, in a developed cell phone market.

Diversification new markets, new products: Market penetration refers to the successful selling of a product or service in a specific market, and it is a measure of the amount of sales volume of an existing good or service compared to the total target market for that product or service.

Market penetration is a way to determine successfulness of the business model and marketing strategy for a product. To check the successfulness, one must have a way to gauge the amount of the targeted market and how much potential localized or otherwise customers there are that would be susceptible to a product.

Even though other demographics may use a product it is about identifying the largest demographic so that the majority of advertising is tailored to them.

Market penetration strategy dissertation

Location is important and wholly depends on the reach of a brand. If a company operates at a national level, then the entirety of the country will have to be averaged to reach the largest number of people. The smaller the area the more specific one can be about the people of each demographic within it.

Knowing the size of the market is integral to understanding market penetration. Understanding competitors market penetration. What benchmark should one go for? Based on the penetration that other products have reached, calculate the number that should be reached in the demographic by multiplying the total number of the demographic by whatever the percentage that other products are reaching.

Market penetration is a tool for understanding potential earnings of a business and is integral to calculating a resourceful business model.

Market penetration strategy ppt

This is meant for emerging markets but the connection extends across to more established markets as well.The Complete Guide to Market Penetration What is Market Penetration? Market Penetration is a business growth strategy in which a company executes initiatives to expand the customer base for its products and services within a certain market space.

Choosing a Market Penetration Strategy By Todd Ballowe The most common growth strategy is to focus on what you do best by emphasizing your current products in .

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A Market Penetration Strategy Dissertation: Useful Strategies