How to write a good timeline

To enter your text, do one of the following: Click [Text] in the Text pane, and then type your text. Copy text from another location or program, click [Text] in the Text pane, and then paste your text.

How to write a good timeline

Otherwise, stick with a vertical or snake layout.

Writing Ideas

Snake timeline infographic layout The final timeline layout you might want to use is the snake layout. Simply put, the snake layout winds across the page and looks like a snake. The best use of a snake layout is for timelines with lots of points and very little text, like this one: But they only really work with very little text, so try to use them when you want to put the focus on the visuals: Centered vertical layouts are best for timelines that mix text and visuals Left-aligned vertical layouts are best for timelines with lengthy text Horizontal layouts are appropriate for timelines with less than 7 points and very brief descriptions Snake layouts are best for timelines with more than 10 points, lots of images, and very little text 3.

This is a pretty typical centered vertical timeline, so the steps I will touch on here should apply to most infographic timelines. Center it and adjust it to run the length of the page, leaving room for a title at the top.

This will form the backbone of your timeline. Then, customize the styling of this line via the top toolbar. Use the line width dropdown to set the width of the main line to at least 2px. For this line, we used a 4px width. We chose circles, but perpendicular lines and arrows would also be appropriate for most timelines.

This simple step keeps you from accidentally moving the line while you add more elements. Use the grid to space them out regularly on alternating sides of the main timeline. It comes in handy when you need to align many objects on the page. Start with the images, since they should be the focal point of the infographic.

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Drag in icons or photos from our built-in libraries, and align each image with its corresponding branch on the timeline. Next, add the text from your outline.


Select header, subheader, and body text boxes from the left toolbar menu and place them on the page, next to each branch. Fill in the header text boxes with the dates, add your header text to the subheader text boxes, and add your descriptions to the body text boxes.

Embellish your timeline infographic with colors, fonts, and decorative shapes All of the essentials are now in place, so you can focus on making the timeline design more visually interesting.

Start by picking a color scheme to spice things up a bit. Use the background color picker in the left toolbar to swap the background color, and the color picker in the top toolbar to change to colors of other elements.

By sticking with a simple three-color scheme for this timeline we can create a clean, cohesive look. We use a bright-eye catching red to draw attention to the dates, and kept the background pretty neutral in a dark blue. Scroll through the font family options in the top toolbar to find fonts that you like.

Feel free to use bold, stylized fonts for your headers and dates, but stick with basic, easy to read fonts for your descriptions. Finally, add some basic shapes like circles and boxes around important elements like icons and titles to give the timeline more structure.

By repeating the exact same rounded box throughout the design, we create a satisfying sense of rhythm that makes our design easier to understand. This technique is key for elevating particularly simple designs like this one: If you want to embed links into your timeline, be sure to choose the interactive PDF option.

Otherwise, high quality PNG is likely your best bet. Conclusion Timeline infographics are the perfect visuals for telling stories that your readers will enjoy and want to share with their friends.

how to write a good timeline

Plus, you can make them in 6 easy steps. So what are you waiting for? · How to Create a Timeline Infographic in 6 Easy Steps By Midori Nediger, Jun 28, Timeline infographics are one of the best methods for displaying information over  · Believe it or not, your life story is rich with meaning, and a useful way to capture those meanings, similar to having a snapshot of your entire life, is developing your personal timeline with a  · The timeline itself is created by adding borders to specific cells in the worksheet and by typing the dates in cells below the timeline.

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About See The work plan template was created in PowerPoint so colleagues who have Microsoft Office can work together on planning projects or programs.

Users can manually add their work plan to the template’s placeholders or they can use the free planning tool from Office Timeline to do it  · Creating a family history timeline can help you learn a lot about your family.

The task can be time-consuming and complicated at some points. However, in the end you will have a complete history of your family that can be passed down to future

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