Advantages and disadvantages of modern communication technology essay

About Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology While modern technology can be considered an ambiguous phrase, it simply refers to any type of technological advancements or scientific developments that have been made since the passing of the Middle Ages.

Advantages and disadvantages of modern communication technology essay

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this situation? Sample essay Technology has changed the way we work. The advent of the internet and networking solutions has made it possible for people to work from their home instead of their offices.

In my opinion, this development has more advantages than disadvantages. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that people can work flexible hours. This arrangement is especially helpful for women who have young children.

Many of them who quit their job after the birth of their children are now back in the job market. Obviously, they are looking for positions that allow them to work from their homes.

Male employees also benefit from working from home. In big cities like Mumbai or Bangalore, people spend hours commuting to work and home. If they get an opportunity to work from their home, they can save a lot of time. This will improve their work-life balance and overall sense of wellbeing. Employers also benefit from this arrangement.

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When employees work from their homes, the cost of running the business comes down. Working from home also saves valuable resources. Less commuting means less travel. This can result in significant fuel savings and cleaner air.

There are a few challenges as well. Employees working from home may have difficulty building a rapport with others in their team. In addition, they may find it difficult to get instant support when problems arise. However, an efficient management can easily take care of these problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of modern communication technology essay

To conclude, there are several benefits to working from home. Many employers have already realized this and started encouraging their workers to work from home.Apr 12,  · Most students doing PTE Academic gets stressed about PTE Essay Topics..

Worrying about getting an unfamiliar topic and not having any good ideas to write about the subject, is making students stressed and nervous. Advantage Disadvantage Essay Model Answer These days many people choose to live or work in other countries, which has been made possible because of the convenience of air travel and modern .

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Here is the complete Essay in Points about Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology in our life special in Student life. Technology is not just limited to smartphones and laptops. Technology is a term which covers a huge area. 15 years ago, using a wired telephone was very common.

In this lesson, learn about electronic commerce and its importance in our modern world. You will also find information about types of electronic commerce as well as some of the pros and cons of.

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“Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?” is a common IELTS essay question in writing task 2 which many students struggle with. Below is an sample essay question to practice this type of essay and also some tips to help you. To learn in detail how to answer “do the advantages.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?