A debate on the legal age

There are at least 2, people in the United States serving life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for crimes committed when they were under 18 years old. House, who had turned 19 just two months earlier, was a member of the Unknown Vice Lords gang on the South Side of Chicago; his job was to sell drugs for the Lords. When he showed up at his corner that day, a fellow gang member relayed a message from the boss to drive down to some nearby railroad tracks instead. Once House arrived, he realized he was being asked to be a lookout.

A debate on the legal age

This focus on a statewide legal age of 21 in Massachusetts follows recent news from Hawaii, which became the first state to enact an age 21 law on tobacco products. While Alabama, Alaska, New Jersey and Utah already have laws setting the legal age to buy and use tobacco at 19 years old, other states with legal age bills still pending include California age 21Massachusetts age 21New Jersey age 21New York age 21Vermont age 21 and Washington age Several other states had legal age bills fail due to adjournment of the legislature including Iowa age 19Oregon age 21Rhode Island age 21Texas age 19 and Utah age When a legislative bill is proposed to raise the legal age to purchase and use tobacco products, the rationale tends to focus on the public health.

However, a convincing argument can be made that personal liberties of all adults need to be considered when this kind of legislation is being debated. Personal rights are important because government and society impose responsibilities and duties on those who have reached the age of 18, and the magnitude of these obligations should also allow a person of adult age to choose what legal products they desire to purchase.

Some of these serious responsibilities and duties borne by adults who are 18, 19 and 20 years old include voting, military service, marriage, divorce, payment of income taxes, health insurance mandates, health directive decisions, candidacy for public office, and prosecution as an adult for crimes committed.

If the proponents of legislation to raise the legal age to buy and use tobacco products truly believe that raising the legal age will reduce underage use of tobacco products, the national minimum age of 21 to purchase and consume alcohol provides an important and analogous situation.

These two surveys show cigarette smoking nationwide among high school students has decreased significantly from In other words, four times as many high school students drink alcohol as opposed to smoke cigarettes even though the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol is From this CDC data, a conclusion can be drawn that mandating an age of 21 for the purchase and consumption of alcohol has not created an impediment for more than one-third of minors who are currently consuming alcohol.

This brings into question the true efficacy of a similar increase in the age of tobacco and raises the more serious health-related question of whether such a change in age of purchase could actually result in an increase in underage tobacco use as minors, in addition to adults who are 18, 19 and 20 years old, look to other sources for acquiring tobacco products.

Raising the legal age to 21 may only cause those underage youth and thenand year-old adults to either continue to rely on these social sources or to seek out social sources in order to obtain tobacco products.

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When lawmakers consider raising the legal age to buy and use tobacco products, the potential health-related consequences of a higher legal age need to be taken into account and whether such action will have the opposite affect on underage use as the CDC statistics on under age alcohol consumption indicate.The abortion debate is the ongoing controversy surrounding the moral, legal, and religious status of induced abortion.

The sides involved in the debate are the self-described “pro-choice” and “pro-life” movements. “Pro-choice” emphasizes the right of women to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy.

For years, the criminal justice system has considered anyone 18 or older an adult, but new research suggests the brain of a year-old is still immature. The legal age to receive a commercial drivers license is 18 years old, but most don’t obtain their commercial drivers license until after the age of The most dangerous truck drivers on the road are those with under 2 years of experience, regardless of age.

Amazon chief executive Jeffrey Bezos said Wednesday his company is wholly aligned with Apple in its fight against government investigators who asked Apple to break its own encryption programs so. The debate surrounding the age of consent raises the broader point of the role of the criminal law. The function of the criminal law is to preserve public order and decency, not to intervene in the lives of citizens, especially those who have mutually consented to taking part in a harmless activity in private. This education editorial explores the pros and cons of grouping students in grades based on ability rather than age.

Amazon chief executive Jeffrey Bezos said Wednesday his company is wholly aligned with Apple in its fight against government investigators who asked Apple to break its own encryption programs so.

year drinking age makes college regulation easier "Lower the U.S. Legal Drinking Age to 18".

A debate on the legal age

Online Petition - "There have been many Colleges and Universities that disagree with the legal drinking age. The Drone Debate offers a thorough investigation of the where, why, how, and when of the U.S.'s use of UAVs.

Beginning with a historical overview of the use of drones in warfare, it then addresses whether targeted killing operations are strategically wise, whether they are permissible under international law, and the related ethical issues.

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